Your Favorite Zucchini Recipe‼ Quick, Easy, Healthy zucchini recipes #61

A very quick dinner recipe! Just 2 zucchini and the whole family is happy! The dish is light and can be eaten in the evening. Preparing zucchini is now very easy! Quick Recipe! It’s delicious and healthy! Everyone will love this zucchini recipe! The zucchini dish turns out to be very soft and aromatic! Can be served as a side dish or as a separate dish. I often cook this zucchini dish because it’s delicious and healthy! Zucchini and tomato and dinner is ready! This is a very quick dinner recipe! Zucchini recipes when there is no time. Zucchini recipe – recipe in 10 minutes! Delicious and healthy.

A delicious recipe with :
– 1 zucchini.
– Cherry tomato
– Sunflower oil.
– parsley
– salt
– Black pepper
– Green onion


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