Antioxidant Desserts To Eat Daily

Want to increase your antioxidant levels? Here are my 2 quick antioxidant rich high protein desserts. ️ Next: Can’t Lose Weight? 10 Protein Rich Foods To Eat Daily. ️ Compliment your diet with My Favorite Daily Immunity Supplement: NACPRO+

Welcome to @HealthyImmuneDoc
The trauma of working in the frontlines as an acute and critical care Infectious Disease specialist during the chaos and stress of 2020-21, motivated Dr. Liu to promote practical health and wellness principles for her community.
HealthyImmuneDoc youtube channel is an extension of her education campaign to help people understand how to optimize immunity and inflammation and slow down premature aging caused by acute and chronic conditions.
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Dr. Liu’s Bio
Dr. Liu is the co-founder of NACPro+, dedicated to optimizing immunity and wellness.
Dr. Liu graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1998 and is Double Boarded in Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine. She is licensed in the state of California.
This channel is separate from Dr. Liu’s duties as Attending Medical Staff @ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and as Assistant Professor at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. The views on this channel are her own.

00:00 Introduction
00:42 Supplies
01:13 All Natural Ingredient List
01:36 Costs
01:51 Living On A Budget
02:32 Nutrient Dense Low Cost Foods
03:16 Tool Options
03:55 Preparing Beans
04:07 Protein Calculator
04:43 Liquid- Soy Milk Benefits
05:01 Menopause Symptoms
05:27 Wheat Germ & Flax Seeds
05:42 Spermidine & Anti-Aging
06:28 Folate
07:45 Hair Growth
08:23 Flax Seed Binder
08:50 High Blood Pressure & Oxylipins
09:29 Beans & Dates
10:08 Raw Dough
10:58 Frozen Dessert vs Ice Cream
12:09 Gestational Diabetes
12:26 Saturated Fat
12:53 Principles of Blending Foods
13:41 Cookie
13:52 Types of Oats
14:39 Soluble Fiber
14:51 Cocoa Powder
15:13 Skin Health
15:36 Heavy Metal Contaminants
15:50 Peripheral Arterial Disease
16:22 Seeds & Dried Fruits
16:41 Pumpkin Seeds & Prostate & Breast
17:19 Walnut & Clean Arteries
17:40 Omega 3 Fats
18:13 Diabetes
18:26 Dementia
18:42 Fiber
20:11 Macrophages & Inflammation
20:50 Plaque Formation
21:51 Angioplasty
22:27 Back Pain
22:47 Currants vs Raisens
23:07 Cherries
23:47 Antioxidants
24:16 High Protein Cookies
24:43 Sugar, Hormones & Metabolism
25:49 Low Carbohydrate Diet
26:38 High Sugar Peak Vs Duration
27:24 Blood Glucose Monitoring
27:39 Fat, Digestion Time and Blood Sugars
28:31 Insulin Resistance
30:00 Quality Carbohydrates
32:03 High Fat vs Low Fat
33:22 Plant Proteins
34:40 Mix & Bake

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