7 of the BEST Chicken Dinner Recipes

CHICKEN RECIPE | QUICK & EASY CHICKEN DINNERS | WHAT’S FOR DINNER? | LET’S GET COOKING! SHE’S HERE! I had my baby girl this past week so for this video today I’ve put together seven of my favorite easy chicken recipes! I’m only bringing you 7 today, but I have many more chicken dinners I absolutely love that you can find on my channel or website. These recipes are truly easy and delicious family favorites. I hope you enjoy this quick, what’s for dinner “chicken compilation” and find a little cooking inspiration! Thank you for all the support!


0:00 Welcome! Today’s Recipes
0:22 Chicken Enchilada Bake https://www.juliapacheco.com/chicken-enchilada-bake/?amp=1
2:26 Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Chicken Tortellini https://www.juliapacheco.com/sun-dried-tomato-pesto-chicken-tortellini/
4:45 Ranch Chicken Avocado Burritos https://www.juliapacheco.com/chicken-avocado-ranch-burritos/
6:16 White Chicken Mushroom Spinach Lasagna https://www.juliapacheco.com/white-chicken-mushroom-spinach-lasagna/
9:51 Creamy Chicken Tacos https://www.juliapacheco.com/slow-cooker-queso-chicken-tacos/
10:56 Orange Chicken https://www.juliapacheco.com/orange-chicken/
14:09 Southwest Chicken Skillet https://www.juliapacheco.com/southwest-chicken-skillet/

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