100% Healthy Lunch Box Recipe in 10 Mins

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Lemon Rice Recipe | South Indian Chitranna & Gojju | Chitrannam with detailed photo and video recipe. An extremely simple and easy rice-based recipe prepared with basic and simple ingredients. It is typically prepared with leftover rice from the previous day and is generally prepared for morning breakfast or for lunchboxes. It is known for its combination of flavours and particularly the sour and spicy taste from the lemon and chillies added.

lemon rice recipe | South Indian Chitranna & Gojju | Chitrannam with step-by-step photo and video recipe. Rice or flavoured rice recipes are perhaps one of the important staple food of Indian cuisine. There are so many types and variants to this which typically depends upon the complexity of the recipe and the set of ingredients added to it. However, there are few simple and easy flavoured rice recipes; lemon rice is one such simple and easy recipe.


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