Chili Soups To Warm Up Your Body On Winter

The weather is get colder and colder, it means we always want to eat something that can warm up body. And chili soups are one of the best recommendations for this season that we want to share in the article today. Enjoying a bowl of hot chili soup is a good way to keep you more comfortable on the cold winter. Are you ready to get start with our chili soups today?

Most of you don’t know that chili peppers contain a substance called capsaicin, which gives peppers their characteristic pungence, producing mild to intense spice when eaten. Therefore, chili is used mostly in cooking to make its own taste. And with these chili soups today have different tastes that keep you satisfied. Saving them on your cooking handbook to make your soup recipes more diverse. And you will have more ideas to treat family with great soups.

#1 Mexican Street Corn Soup

Mexican Street Corn Soup Full recipe here.

#2 Crockpot Cheesy Chili Macaroni Soup

Crockpot Cheesy Chili Macaroni SoupFull recipe here.

#3 Creamy Enchilada Chili

Creamy Enchilada ChiliFull recipe here.

#4 Green Chicken Chili

Green Chicken ChiliFull recipe here.

#5 My Famous Chili with Better Than Bouillon

My Famous Chili with Better Than BouillonFull recipe here.

#6 Andouille Sausage and Corn Chowder

Andouille Sausage and Corn ChowderFull recipe here.

#7 Red Lentil Chili

Red Lentil ChiliFull recipe here.

#8 Chili Lovers Chili

Chili Lovers ChiliFull recipe here.

#9 Turkey Chili Taco Soup

Turkey Chili Taco SoupFull recipe here.

#10 Beer Cheese Soup with Chili Spiced Chex

Beer Cheese Soup with Chili Spiced ChexFull recipe here.

#11 White Chicken Chili

White Chicken ChiliFull recipe here.

#12 Bean and Bacon Soup

Bean and Bacon SoupFull recipe here.

#13 Instant Pot Turkey Chili

Instant Pot Turkey ChiliFull recipe here.

#14 Zero Point Weight Watchers White Chicken Chili

Zero Point Weight Watchers White Chicken Chili Full recipe here.

#15 Low Carb Chili

Low Carb ChiliFull recipe here.

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